Safety Manager and Trainer/Safety Inspector

Utilizing the customer supplied training guides for each project; ISC associates will act as the on-site coordinator and trainer for the project’s safety monitoring team. This team not only trains the visitors to the site, but also audits the work during the workday and check that the various team members’ safety programs are being implemented and followed. 

 During the past twenty plus years, Industrial Services Company has not had a single recordable incident. ISC associates have participated in Site Specific Training and Project Safety Management for ISC projects. ISC associates have completed the OSHA certified 30 hour management course, as well as some 42 other safety training courses. As a member of the National Association of Safety Professionals, several ISC associates continue training with NASP and other organizations.

Standards and Regulations Affiliations

  • ISA Senior Member 
  • IEEE Practicing Member 
  • OSHA Standards Subscriber 
  • NETA Affiliated Member, Standards Subscriber, and Contributor 
  • NFPA Affiliated Member, Standards Subscriber, and Contributor 
  • ANSI Standards Subscriber, and Contributor 
  • NIST Standards Subscriber and Contributor