Services Offered

  • Tan-Delta Testing
  • Power Factor/Dissipation Factor Testing
  • Winding Resistance Testing
  • DLRO Micro-ohm Testing
  • HiPot Testing
  • Ground Fault System Testing
  • TTR Testing
  • Excitation Current Testing
  • Doble Partial Discharge Testing
  • Switchgear Reconditioning
  • Thermography Studies
  • Arc Flash & Coordination Studies
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Load Studies
  • Battery Testing
  • Cable Tracing
  • AutoCad Drafting


  • Low and medium voltage breaker repair, rebuild, and retro-fit services for any manufacturer at our shop or at your site with quick turn-around service.
  • Calibration and setup of protective relays.
  • Acceptance and maintenance testing of high and medium voltage cables.
  • Installation and maintenance of ground fault and protective metering systems.
  • Our field service crew utilizes the latest technology for all your switchgear needs.
  • Project engineering and management for routine maintenance, testing, and upgrading existing equipment.
  • Spare or replacement breaker sales. If we don’t have it, we can get it!

Low and Medium Voltage Breaker Testing

Primary Current Injection can be performed on breakers up to 5,000 amps with the High Current Test Set (instantaneous current of 50,000 amps).

Secondary Current Injection can be performed on most low voltage breakers and most manufacturers.